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22 May

Another Musical Meme

Your Life: The Soundtrack Created by aiko and taken 26425 times on bzoink! Opening credits Silver Blue – Roxette Waking up Awakening – Sasha Lazard Average day Lifelines – a-ha First date To Love Again – Jane Olivor Falling in love You Opened My Eyes – Bosson Love scene Melt – Erin Hamilton Fight scene […]

22 May

This Was A Day

that I won’t soon forget. I sang a special at church (A Season In Your Path) which some people misunderstood from my introduction as being a “goodbye” song (i.e., I was leaving the church), when in fact I was only saying “Thank You” for the times we’ve had together so far. The Choir put in […]

22 May

Reflections on my Birthday

Yesterday, being my birthday, was a 99% computer free day. I checked my email at 4am, and again at 9pm. The rest of the day was spent away from the PC, and away from the house as well. Tink and PoloRandy took me to Romano’s Macaroni Grill, where dinner was good, but not as good […]

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