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19 May

My day for the soapbox

Oh boy. Here we go AGAIN.

Beach jury convicts man of shooting his wife 20 years ago
By JON FRANK, The Virginian-Pilot
© May 19, 2005

VIRGINIA BEACH – A jury today convicted William A. Morgan, a 69-year-old former airline pilot and Navy officer, of shooting his wife eight times and leaving her for dead 20 years ago.

His wife, Doris Morgan, 62, survived the attack but was horribly injured, suffering gunshot wounds to her head, shoulder, chest, legs and right arm, which she can no longer use.

Morgan was a fugitive for more than 16 years, living under several aliases and fake Social Security numbers in Florida. He was eventually arrested in Florida in 2002.

According to testimony, schoolchildren at a nearby bus stop watched in horror as William Morgan fired the shots at point-blank range, then calmly got into his car and drove away before stopping at an intersection, looking both ways, and driving away.

William Morgan did not deny the shooting. He testified that he remembers nothing about the incident and finds it difficult to accept personal responsibility for the crime.

He said he was heavily medicated on the anti-anxiety drug Xanax and drinking heavily – as much as a case of beer every day. William Morgan’s attorney argued that the combination of Xanax and beer produced an “involuntary intoxication” in which William Morgan was not in control of his actions.

So, idiot, you remember nothing about it, refuse to accept personal responsibility, and… you wimp out by blaming it on drugs and alcohol.

Pardon me if I don’t believe a word you say. You lived under various aliases (including false Social Security Numbers) for 16 years. You KNEW what you did was wrong. You simply don’t want to take responsibility for your stupidity. I hope they successfully lock you away until the day you take your last breath. What did he get, sentence wise, you ask?

The jury recommended that Morgan be sentenced to 15 years in prison – 13 years for the malicious wounding conviction and two years for a separate firearms conviction. He could have been sentenced to up to 22 years.

Being that he’s 69 now, that would make him 84 should he serve his full sentence. Since Parole has been abolished in Virginia, chances are good that he may actually serve out this sentence. But it still not enough. He’s had 16 years of living (even in hiding) a “normal” life, something that his former wife can never have.

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    Seedie Says:

    I belive he did a good job as a fugitive for 16 years. We need to give him one more test. Lets send him to Saddams home town for his jail time and the Red Cross can feel free to check on him twice a year if he is willing to meet with them.

    Or maybe we could get the American Civil Liberties Union to go in stead they seem really good a fouling things up. I bet our men and women would be home in a month or so with their help.

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