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18 May

Afternoon Humour

(Keep the kitten! Keep the kitten!!!!!)

18 May

Inside My Head

Carnival of the Idiots (1) You call someone and leave a message…and they never call you back. I thought the purpose of calling and leaving a message was so that the call WOULD be returned. (2) Client wanted a particular printer loaded on their machine, so off to their office I went. (Shaking Head.) You […]

18 May

I’m Almost There.

And I’d really REALLY like a free iPod, and enough people have done this so I know it’s not a hoax, so PLEASE… Click this link. Five people need to complete one free offer, and the iPod is mine. One of the Alliance members has several iPods he’s received this way. All I want is […]

18 May

Congratulations to Fritz

Who received his grand prize of a $20 gift certificate for iTunes today. Thanks again, guy, for the work you did on the new banners up top. If you have ideas for other banners (think: yellow area!), email me at silverbluesbe at g mail dot c om. (hey, if spacing out works for the stupid […]

18 May

Some people

seem to attract bad luck. Poor PR, we buried his uncle in February, and his father at this beginning of this month. Yesterday, his aunt (who lost her husband in February) was involved in a side impact collision that totaled her car. She was not seriously injured other than bruises and minor friction burns from […]

18 May

Nuts, you say

Allergies to peanuts and other tree nuts are on the rise. Why? CNN says: Noticing that developing countries have almost no allergy led doctors to suspect that our society is too germ-free. “As a country becomes more developed, allergy rises and rises. And the notion there is that in the more-developed countries, you may be […]

18 May


Ok, there are six wonderful banners, courtesy of Fritz. They are set on a random rotation, so you don’t quite know which one you’ll get (you may end up with the same one more than once). If anyone else is PhotoShop savvy, I can use a few more… LOL. I’m also in need of a […]

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