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17 May

Give. Me. A. Frickin’. Break.

I understand the premise of “innocent until proved guilty”, but when there are witnesses, dead bodies, hostages, etc. how can ANYONE plead “not guilty”? By what? Reason of insanity? Fine. In those instances, don’t worry about rehabilitation. Put them in solitary confinement, brick them up, whatever. NEVER release them back into society. There are “mistakes made” and then there is blatent disregard for human life.

I’m over people not taking responsibility for their actions. You do the crime, you do the time. Quit blaming society, your parents, drugs, etc. You, yourself are responsible for your actions. Otherwise, and ESPECIALLY in cases such as this, there should be no leniency. There should be no appeals. Justice should be swift, severe, and final. (Guess this is where that 30% conservative from the earlier survey comes in to play.)

Atlanta courthouse shootings defendant pleads not guilty

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — Brian Nichols pleaded not guilty Tuesday to multiple counts stemming from a deadly March shooting spree that began in an Atlanta courthouse.

Appearing in a Fulton County courtroom wearing a dark suit, Nichols answered a quiet “Yes, sir,” when asked if the men by his side at the defense table were his attorneys.

Defense attorney Chris Adams told Superior Court Judge Hilton Fuller that Nichols waived his right to have the indictment read, and would plead not guilty to all counts.

Fuller, a Superior Court judge from neighboring DeKalb County, said he would hear pretrial motions on “June 9 and/or 10” in his home county. Fuller did not address the issue of moving the entire trial out of Fulton County.

Adams and Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said they were working on an agreement to restrict participants in the trial speaking to the media. That order appeared likely to be signed before the June hearings.

The pleas entered in Tuesday’s arraignment came two weeks after a Fulton County grand jury returned a 54-count indictment against Nichols that includes four charges of murder. (Nichols indicted)

Nichols is accused of killing a Fulton County Superior Court judge and a court reporter in a courtroom, killing a sheriff’s deputy outside the courthouse, and later killing a federal agent who was working on his home in Atlanta’s Buckhead section.

Prosecutors said last week they would seek the death penalty. (Full story)

The 33-year-old Nichols is being held without bond on charges of rape, aggravated sodomy and false imprisonment. Those charges stemmed from an earlier arrest. Nichols was on trial for a second time in that case at the time of the March 11 shootings.

Nichols’ first trial ended with a hung jury, and a judge has declared a mistrial in Nichols’ retrial on the rape and other charges.

Prosecutors say the March shootings began when Nichols overpowered a female sheriff’s deputy in a courthouse holding area as his handcuffs were being taken off so that he could change his clothes.

They struggled for about three minutes, with Nichols grabbing some keys from her and taking her gun from a lockbox, authorities said. He then walked calmly across a bridge from the new courthouse building to the old building and Superior Court Judge Rowland Barnes’ eighth-floor courtroom, police said.

He briefly took several people hostage, including another deputy who was disarmed by Nichols, authorities said. Authorities said he then went into the courtroom and killed Barnes, who had been presiding over his rape trial, and court reporter Julie Ann Brandau.

Sgt. Hoyt Teasley of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department was killed on the street outside the courthouse as Nichols escaped, authorities said.

Nichols fled to Atlanta’s upscale Buckhead district, where he shot and killed U.S. Customs agent David Wilhelm, authorities said.

Nichols allegedly then fled to Atlanta’s suburbs. Authorities say Nichols held a woman hostage for seven hours at her apartment before surrendering.

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    Celtic Momma Says:

    Oh my gosh. This wasn’t even on our newscast at 4 today. What an outrage. The only thing I can think of is that to get a jury trial he had to plead not guilty. Maybe he thinks the jury won’t give him death.

    But the only murder that doesn’t have witnesses is the last one of the Customs Agent. That was at night at the agents new house. He was working on it by himself after dark. I’m not sure they have proof that Nichols did it for sure.

    But the other 3 and the assaults all had witnesses. There’s no way he won’t be found guilty for those.


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