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16 May

Afternoon Humour

Larry’s barn burned down and his wife, Susan, called the insurance company. Susan told the insurance company, “We had that barn insured for fifty thousand and I want my money.” The agent replied, “Whoa there, just a minute, Susan. Insurance doesn’t work quite like that. We will ascertain the value of what was insured and […]

16 May

When To Eat

A woman asks her husband, “Would you like some bacon and eggs a slice of toast and maybe some grapefruit and coffee?” He declines. “Thanks for asking, but I’m not hungry right now. It’s this Viagra,” he says. “It’s really taken the edge off my appetite.” At lunchtime she asked if he would like something. […]

16 May

Boom Boom Boom

Seems it was more than the bass that shook up one teen’s life. From News.com. Teenager’s iPod goes boom By Adam Morton May 13, 2005 – 12:05PM

16 May

For those…

…who are waiting on their copy of my birthday CD, they should be shipped this week. I didn’t want to release it too far in advance of my actual birthday. 🙂

16 May

A New Life

Pray for me guys…I’m attempting something that will (1) give me some breathing room and (2) allow me to make up for past transgressions. It’ll help out a lot, and it’s not bankruptcy. 🙂

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