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11 May

Leopards Don’t Change Their Spots

Well, my heart goes out to PR at this time… not only is he still in the grieving process from losing his dad when his sister (TOC, for those who are keeping record) decides to show her ass once again and, instead of keeping up her end of the bargain, decides to start balking at […]

11 May

How the Mighty Have Fallen

Darius Rucker, where art thou Blowfish, Hootie? Certainly not here. (RealPlayer required)

11 May

Sour Grapes

There’s an old saying: Beware of what you wish for — you may get it! Residents of James City/County and Williamsburg are upset because they got what they asked for. Sounds more like sour grapes to me because they didn’t get their way.

11 May


“Aww! You make me want to be monogamous, but not so much that I would actually do it.”

11 May

Save Yourself.

Revog (who is back, by the way) takes on the rhetoric of life. I’m reminded of a line from “Scrooged”… where Frank tells Claire (before being visited by the three ghosts) “I’m gonna give you a little advice Claire. Scrape ’em off. You wanna save somebody? Save yourself. ” After being visited by the ghosts, […]

11 May

No one. :(

I jump on the bandwagon trying to update my image a little more and… I guess either my readers are graphic savvy, or no one cares. I’m going to go cry in my Diet Coke made with Splenda now.

11 May

Proof That

Politics and Religion do not mix. Oh sure, if you know what you’re walking in to, they do. But when you’ve been a member of a church for over 25 years and all of a sudden, some upstart preacher (who’s barely been alive longer than you’ve been a member of the church) starts talking about […]

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