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08 May

Final Thought

I need to order several cases of this new product…. for those clients who just can’t seem to get it.

08 May

Inside My Head

A new category — inside my head*. Some things aren’t rants, some things aren’t raves, some things are just inside my head. I was sitting in front of my computer (as usual, actually) and some things just hit me…most of them are personal, and I made some phone calls which made me feel better. Others, […]

08 May

Music of The Night

Someday – Glass Tiger When I come home you telephone you say you’re waiting for me I ask you why, I hear you cry, But you’re still waiting for me Someday you’ll be shedding your tears To cry over me Someday I’ll be losing this fear Now I’m alone, you telephone you tell me you […]

08 May

Sunrise, Sunset

Well. Today was a wonderful day. After all, it was mother’s day! I got to spend some good quality time with Mom, and then Tink and I did some shopping. (Can we say that home made chicken salad is extra yummy? I thought you could!) More in a bit. My brain is still a bit […]

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