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16 Apr

Final Thought

Anyone remember BonzaiBuddy, the orignal spyware/adware? He’s Back!!!!

16 Apr

There will be a quiz

did you pay attention? I’ve decided (in my finite wisdom [read as: knowing it breaks copyright laws]) to have a quiz and toss out a couple of the 36th birthday CDs to the winners (or just to people whom I think would enjoy them. The problem is this: my life is so unexciting, the quiz […]

16 Apr

A day of opinions

My, I guess you could say I’ve certainly been outspoken today, haven’t I? It seems, like most people, that I have an opinion on just about everything from feathers to farina. (What the hell is farina any?) Tomorrow is going to be a day of celebration and sadness. A dear friend of mine (and an […]

16 Apr

Other thoughts

…love trancends all and causes us to appreciate things a bit more… (1) Why, oh WHY does Food Network insist on using Rachael Ray so damn much? Every time I turn on that “porno for fat kids” (Food Network), they’re either showing 30 Minute meals, Inside Dish, or $40 a day. She’s become Emeril Lagasse. […]

16 Apr

Unrelated Thoughts

(1) I hate spammers. Especially comment and trackback spammers. I don’t give a damn what you have to offer, and don’t want to promote your p*ker and ref*nance bull crap. Fortunately, SpamKarma seems to be doing a great job of deleting your annoying asses. Over 700 of you gone without my having to lift a […]

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