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12 Apr

A Rarity

It’s rare that I blog about anything having to deal with work, but I’ve got to get this out of my system.

We are required, by auditors, to do inventory annually. No problem.

I received the inventory sheet, and under each item, in the “Comments” section, wrote if the information was correct, and if not, I put the correct location of each machine.

That was unacceptable, it seems. There are two tiny boxes on each line: Item Found and Item Not Found.

Because I didn’t put a tick mark in the “Item Found” box, I hadn’t completed the inventory. No items had been found, therefore, in theory, everything had been stolen.

Never mind that I corrected the locations in the space provided (how else would I know where they were at, if I hadn’t found the equipment?).

All I was told from our office of Materiel Management is that “the auditors only look at check boxes, not at comment boxes.”

My comment was: well, if that’s the case, whatever we are paying the auditors is wasted money. A trained monkey can look at check boxes. Intelligent human beings comprhend “comment” boxes as well.

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