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09 Apr

Final Thought

Go Play with the South Park Creator 2. Here I Am:

09 Apr

Dunno If Any Of This Is True

Found THIS while out surfing the web. “Why Do Some People Think Jesus’ middle name is “H”?” I’ve included the entire post in the extended section, just in case the blog in question goes down — it’s that entertaining.

09 Apr

Predixis MusicMagic Mixer Review

As my regular readers know, there are some pieces of software that I just can’t live without: WordPress, MP3Gain, Goldwave, Nero, RealProducer, MAME, Adobe, and ACDSee. Add a new piece to that mix now: Predixis MusicMagic Mixer. Available in three flavours: Freeware and Premium (annual or one time subscription). What does it do? Well, if […]

09 Apr

Clean Ups, Headaches…

…and Jon Secada. Went tot he church, did a massively quick and thorough clean up. Then out the door, off to the msuic store. My head pounding like the bass drum in a discoteque. Looked around — the problem with owning everything under the sun is that there isn’t that much out to purchase. I […]

09 Apr

Good Morning World!

I’m off to a morning meeting, but will be back soon. I’ve got several things I feel the need to blog about, but, since this meeting is across the water at 9, I guess I should get my butt in gear. Sorry for the lack of final thought last night…I’ll tell more later. Don’t you […]

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