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31 Oct

Bathroom, who gives a …

….holy heck!

Three sinks, two cabinets and two toilets later, we finally have the new sink, vanity and toilet in.

Yes, tempers flared, yes, plumbing didn’t match up (freakin’ old houses), yes, there were far too many trips to Lowes and Home Depot, but you know what? It all looks good now.

Roxette Bunny™ has been wanting to take pictures….she should have them soon.

One Response to “Bathroom, who gives a …”

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    Michelle Says:

    We just renovated our bathroom a few months ago, and it was a pain as well. Like you said, the older houses have different measurements than the newer ones, and our bathroom was no exception. I’ve never been so glad to get a room finished before.

    Glad you finally got yours done!

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