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Archive for October 30th, 2004

30 Oct

What’s This? A Rant?

Yep. What’s got my gourd now? Well, it’s online music services. I purchase legal downloads from Real and from iTunes. For those of you who don’t know, iTunes actually runs four different stores (one for the US, one for the UK, one for France, and one for Germany). If you have an iTunes account, you […]

30 Oct

DMC XClef HD-500: A Review

As promised, here’s the review of my new iPod-esque device, the DMC XClef HD-500. I picked this up online from ebay for $349.00 including shipping (FedEx Ground, 7 day). Opened the box, and there, inside, safely secured in bubble wrap and retail box was the device. Make no mistake: this device is heavier (it weighs […]

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