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13 Sep

Final Thought


13 Sep

It’s Over…when it’s over

I got word this evening that mutual friends have decided to call it quits after some time in a committed relationship. Such decisions are never easy, much less painless. But how does one know when it’s over? Very rarely does one wake up and say “I don’t love you any more.” There’s normally background to […]

13 Sep

Drink O The Day™

Banana Popsicle 1 oz Stoli Vanil Vodka 1 oz Banana Liqueur Orange Juice Pineapple Juice Pour over ice in a shaker adding equal parts of orange juice and pineapple juice to the spirits. Shake and strain over ice cubes into a collins glass.

13 Sep

Things that make you go Hmmm.

From CNN: We bid adieu today to the 10-year-old ban on assault weapons, loopholes and all, another centerpiece of Clinton-era domestic agenda dismantled by President Bush and his GOP allies in Congress. The National Rifle Association starts celebrating this morning, and ArmaLite Inc., an Illinois-based gun maker, has been working ’round the clock to make […]

13 Sep

Hurricane preparations

Thanks to Tink for passing this on. You all should be aware of hurricane preparations, but in case you need a refresher course: We’re about to enter the peak of the hurricane season. Any minute now, you’re going to turn on the TV and see a weather person pointing to some radar blob out in […]

13 Sep

Morning Laughter

Not particulary work or family safe (but hey, it’s only words, and no profanity), but thanks to Moonglow, I dedicate this to Dawn…

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