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07 Sep

Could this be…

(sniff, sniff)…the approach of the end? I’ve determined I have a life beyond the blogsphere. I thought I had one, and once I found which DVD I had it backed up on, behold! I don’t have the time, currently, to go and read around the blogsphere…I am much overdue with Link-Luv™, Roxette Bunny™ keeps reminding […]

07 Sep

One of Many reasons

….that I REFUSE to vote for Bush. I don’t relish voting for Kerry, but let me tell you, at least he’s not out making such asshatted claims. Cheney needs to learn to keep his flapping pie hole shut. Cheney: Kerry win risks terror attack Edwards says Cheney ‘crossed the line’ with comment DES MOINES, Iowa […]

07 Sep

So, what’s it like…

….to be me? Nothing too exciting, I’m afraid. I’ve got some friends, I do some blogging, and I’m doing some home renovations. Sounds exciting, eh? NOT. But still. There will be photos soon, and that makes everything better.

07 Sep

Ready for your closeup?

Here’s “Tropical Depression Frances” (remember, all the flooding that happened in Virginia was caused by “Tropical Depression Gaston.”) All told, Frances is still rather shapely, considering her age. We need her to fall apart, however. We don’t need her crying over Virginia.

07 Sep

Stupid is as stupid does

This from the National Weather Service: a special weather statement that says… “if you hear thunder and you are outside, you may be struck by lightning”. Unfortunately, I’m not kidding.

07 Sep

The Sequel

Most good things spawn sequels. As such, a collection of songs from 1998 entitled “Do You Want To Go The Whole Way With Me?” has been retitled “Just For The Sex of It…” and had volume 2 join it. The tracklisting: Part I (1998 release) Do You Want To Go The Whole Way? – Roxette […]

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