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25 Aug

Attack of the Spammers

Seems that the Spammers have found this site as well (knew it was going to happen) so, instead of turning comment moderation on (which may still happen in the near future), I’ve disabled comments for posts over 14 days old. After all, if you haven’t posted a witty remark to something I wrote in that time, then there’s little hope for ya.

Besides, why would I want to be a free piece of advertisement for your headache medicine that gives you brain cancer and dingleberries?

2 Responses to “Attack of the Spammers”

  1. 1
    Keith Says:

    Dingleberries? Honestly. Time to trim!

  2. 2
    DiamondLil Says:

    Dingleberries! Ugh! Time to take a shower!:

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