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13 Jul

Final Thought

13 Jul

If you can’t trust

your local law enforcement, who can you trust?

13 Jul


I finally got around to removing someone from my Instant Message list. I’d written them off a while back, but one of his “close” friends is leaving the area, and they had arranged to have dinner last night. So what happens? He brings two additional friends with him and basically ignores his friend who is […]

13 Jul

Happy Tuesday

Happy, Happy, joy, joy. Don’t know where my head is. Forgot my rings today, forgot my watch. Can’t find the original copy of my George Michael “Patience” album. It’s not a monday in disguise, is it?

13 Jul


I bloody help someone out who’s having problems with spyware, so I direct them to a particular site, http://www.lavasoftusa.com — makers of one of the best programs out there to counteract spyware, “Ad-Aware”. They then come back and say I F*CKED up their machine by that download. Excuse me? How was I to know you […]

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