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30 Jun


…the other day, when I was ranting about the performer who never did publicity, even though they had a publicist, etc.? How would you feel if your last five emails to their staff, in regards to their website, went unanswered? If you’re like me, you’d be pissed. You’d be counting down the time to you […]

30 Jun

Blessed are the STUPID

for they shall find Employment at CHK. I swear. We move into our building TWO years ago. You haven’t used the room since. All of a sudden you expect to put a professor in that room, using a PC that hasn’t had any updates in 2 years, and expect it to function? You mean you […]

30 Jun

No rest for the weary

In a way, I’m glad I’m animal sitting instead of going to choir this evening. I’m thoroughly exuasted (the events of this week was warn me plum out) and I think it’ll be nice to just get some rest for once. Yay me!

30 Jun

Just A Question

if you live in Amerca, and are an American Citizen, at what point can I start firing bricks at someone for being a blatent pacifist? Oh, we can’t celebrate Memorial Day with images of fallen soldiers, becuase that glorifies war. Independence Day cannot show warships, planes, sub, etc. because their purpose is just evil. As […]

30 Jun

The “Short” Obituary

Surrounded by family and loved ones, DOROTHY ELIZABETH NEMETH BARKER 72, departed her home in Chesapeake, Ohio for her “Mansion Just Over the Hilltop”, Tuesday, June 29, 2004. She was preceded in death by her husband of 46 years and 8 months, Forester Barker Sr. in 1992 and two sons, Randy in 1961 and Ernie […]

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