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27 Jun


I’m over at the ‘rents with a migraine, and I realized that I’m pissed off. Why? Because, since March of this year, PoloRandy hasn’t been able to go to the Flea Market in Portsmouth because either basketball obligations or because of having to take care of his parent’s yard. We had made plans on going […]

27 Jun

Let’s hear it for…

…the underdog. Let’s not talk about my youth. Better yet, let’s do. I was NOT a popular child. I was teased, called a “queer”, a “sissy”, and a “fag”. I was never asked to join the more popular kids at their parties they threw, I was normally the last selected for volleyball, dodgeball, etc. But […]

27 Jun

Where to begin

on a Sunday morning that probably won’t know where to end. Still house sitting for the ‘rents. That’s ok, even with taking care of the sausage on the hoof. (yes, for those reader who don’t know, my mother, 10 years ago, got one of those “cute, adorable” Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pigs.” 10 years latter, it’s not […]

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