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10 Jun

Final Thought


10 Jun

Farewell to yet another legend

CNN reported today that Ray Charles, the Grammy-winning crooner who blended gospel and blues in such crowd-pleasers as “What’d I Say” and heartfelt ballads like “Georgia on My Mind,” died Thursday, a spokesman said. He was 73. Charles died at his Beverly Hills home surrounded by family and friends, said spokesman Jerry Digney.

10 Jun

Linky-Dinky- Luvy-Wuvy

Tiger describes what sounds like a normal day for me, except that I have water. I also don’t have court, but that’s a different cat of different stripes. Wonder if the SPCA has been out? All the animals over at Beyond the Black Hole have been on holiday since May 23. Hope nothing bad has […]

10 Jun

More Link-Luv™

Blogeline just wants to go home. Who can blame her? It’s hard being that far away from the ones you love when they’re having medical procedures performed. DramaQueen’s family also is in medical crisis. Pray for them. Stevie is entering Geekdom. Horray for her! Revog is having “One of those days”. Boy am I familiar […]

10 Jun

Whoring Links For Visitors

Massive Link Alert (well, since it’s 2:15 and I’ve only had 90 visitors today) Susie and LeeAnn go to hell. I guess the point to be made here is the cheesier you are, the more likely to go to hell you are? Who knows. I love these ladies, be they hellish or not. Next up, […]

10 Jun

Since we’re at

…the one year mark, I’ve activated the “Flashback” in the side panel –> so that you can see what (if anything) happened in years past. I don’t think I missed posting many days, with the exception of when we were without power during Hurricane Isabel.

10 Jun

Tea and…uhm…body parts?

I didn’t know dismembered bodies were the norm to serve with tea in the UK. British man finds body in fridge while making tea LONDON, June 10 (Reuters) – British police have launched a murder inquiry after a man found his daughter-in-law’s dismembered body in his son’s fridge while looking for milk, police and newspapers […]

10 Jun

From the mouths of bunnies

Roxette Bunny™ has been busy with sketching designs of how she’d like the inside of the house redone. Some are quite creative, and some are outrageous (sorry, little blue friend, but there will NOT be a carrot patch in the living room!). One of her designs, however, was one I liked. It called for putting […]

10 Jun

Happy, Happy

Today is sort of a double anniversary for me. 1 year ago, Ramblings of Silver Blue took its place in the blogsphere. And six years ago today, I started at CHK. Sorry for the lack of posts last night, but it really wasn’t my fault (really!). On my way home from Choir practice, Tink called […]

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