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08 Jun

Final Thought

Figured you all might need a gift idea. Nite!

08 Jun

A Toon Me

Stolen from CheeseMistress, stolen from somewhere.

08 Jun

Not MY Responsibility

Overused title: Passing The Buck I’m not going to say that society would be a better place if Americans hadn’t taken the word “God” and prayer out of school. But I’m not going to say it wouldn’t be either. What I’m fed up to HERE ➡ with are those people that, as a blanket excuse, […]

08 Jun

There Truly Are Idiots In The World

I had a call from a customer who was complaining that when she typed, the wrong letters came up on the screen. After some investigation, I learned she had pried off all the letter key caps off her keyboard and rearranged them in alphabetical order. You’d think she’d have figured out the problem herself when […]

08 Jun

Saga of the $700 Door

Because I have an old house, they used to make doors odd shapes. Like 36 x 85.5 x 5.75″. The height and the jamb are way different than a standard door. So, they have to custom make the door. $359.64. Installation is another $320. (After all, since if I screwed it up it would leave […]

08 Jun

Live and let live

Rejected title: Stand in my way and I’ll squash you like the worm you are How’s everyone’s Tuesday? Things are crazy here, but going well. I’m looking forward to 5 p.m., when I plan on going home, opening a bottle of vino, and waking up tomorrow morning. Not to say that everything is that bad, […]

08 Jun


it may be the second best thing you can do with your face. (read on a t-shirt today). This place is unbelievable. People go away for holiday for a week and come back with a full frontal lobotomy. They forget how to read the screen, they forget they need to lock their offices when they […]

08 Jun

Posting may be erratic

My mind is all over the place today, and as such, if I can’t make sense of what I post, then it ain’t gonna go online. Did that even make sense?

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