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06 Jun

Final Thought

Put another 24 feet of edging in, and another 24 cubic yards of red cedar mulch. Also, put the guttering back that came off in (shiver) 1998. Anyway, I’m really tired, so… here’s the final thought. Nite!

06 Jun

Marriage is special.

Yeah, RIGHT. Instead of being worried about how “homosexuals would destroy marriage”, conservatives need to be more concerned about how “J.Lo.” will destroy marriage. Seems that less than five months after “Bennifer” called it quits, and less than a week after Marc Anthony’s divorce was finalized, Mark and J. Ho Lo have tied the knot. […]

06 Jun

Work, Work, Work

Found the material today for the window thingys (jabots, valances) for the living room. Actually, the fabric was $6.88 and I was able to get it at 30% off. 🙂 There’s a lot that still needs to be done outside, but I’ve got something bordering on a migraine, so I’m going to nap first, I […]

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