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02 Jun

Final Thought

To view photo…

02 Jun

I Need A Vacation

before I lose my cool and piss some people off. But then again, maybe that would be a good thing. Personalities aren’t developed by being complacent. Choir practice was good tonight. You have to wonder if some people think before they open their mouths, however. I was having to do damage control over something that […]

02 Jun

A Stiff Drink and A Soft Pillow

I desire both and have neither. Today’s been interesting at best, maddening at worst, but we’re making it. Little by little. So much to learn and consume, so little to actually hold that information! Other than that, Choir tonight, you know how that goes. Fortunately, no yard work this evening. I’ll be able to breate […]

02 Jun

Silly Tech Support Story

Customer: “My computer won’t start up.” Tech Support: “Is the power light on?” Customer: “Yes.” Tech Support: “Is anything on the monitor?” Customer: “Yes, it says to press F2 for setup, or I can press F1 and fill out a resume.”

02 Jun

Rantus Intelligentus

Revog gives a good discussion on how American’s Health Care is Ill, and why.

02 Jun

How’s Everyones WEDNESDAY?

Can’t tell it’s a wednesday by me. Feels like a monday. Especially with all the stuff going on around here. But the day is good. Here’s hoping yours is as well!

02 Jun

More Outside Renovation

As promised, here are some further pictures: Under the mimosa tree, we removed piles and piles of vines, trees, etc. The old shed is scheduled to be replaced this summer. This is all that remains of the pecan tree that Hurricane Isabel took out. The moss rose bush that is exploding in pink blooms. The […]

02 Jun

Blogging for the Hateful

The Alliance of Free Blogs wants to know what a blog entry from a terrorist would look like: 2.6.04 My plan is working perfectly. First, destroy the morale of American Citizens by interrupting the voting on American Idol (which are nether, by the way), then by forcing them all to be glued to the screen […]

02 Jun

Another Farewell

DMA2’s (step)Father passes away last night after a long illness. May the family find the healing and comfort it needs.

02 Jun

Liar Liar, Mouse On Fire

Remember the story of the Mouse found in the Cracker Barrel soup in Newport News? Seems the authorities smelled a rat…and it wasn’t in the food. Seems dear ol’ Mom (with some help from her son) decided it would be a good way to extort some money ($500K to be exact). The article from the […]

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