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28 May

Sorry to not have been around

…much today. I was at PoloRandy’s office, taking care of major computer issues. Ever feel that people should not be issued computers if they don’t know how to use them? Four printers broken (2 fully fixed, power supply ordered for one, and the person who originally installed the 4th took off with all the documentation, drivers, etc. and it won’t run right on USB), two machines on the blink (one had a broken CD ROM drive [replaced], kept logging off DSL after checking email [option not selected properly], while the other had 2923 [yes, 2923] viruses, mostly Bagel, but 2 sasser, 1 Morphine, and a couple other thrown in for good measure).

Needless to say, that kept me busy for most of the day.

Now, I’m home, catching up on email and such.

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