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25 May

What Do

Breasts, Penises, and Homes have is common?

They are the TOP three subjects of Spam that I’ve received over the last 24 hours. I’ve offers to increase (and 1 to decrease) my breast size, numerous offers to add at least 3″, AND keep it up all night, and 36 (yes, 36!) confirmations that my mortgage application (that I didn’t know I had filed) has been approved, and that I can get up to 300K at 2.9 percent, with a monthly payment of ONLY $350.

Uhm… let’s see. I’m a guy, so breast enlargement or reduction isn’t for me.

I’m quite satisfied with my own endowment, and stamina has never been an issue for me.

I refinanced last year; have submitted no mortgage applications, and at $350 a month, BEFORE interest is added, is… HEY! Did you know there’s now a 71.5 year mortgage! That would make me 106.5 when the loan matures!

How can I NOT sign up for such a great deal?


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