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25 May

Final Thought


25 May


Merciful heavens…it’s a BOJANGLE’S NIGHT! (Actually, it was going to be subs, but since it’s Super Tuesday, it means I got a great deal). 12 pieces of hot cajun beak 6 biscuits 3 large sides 1/2 gallon iced tea $12.99 Life doesn’t get much better than that. 😈

25 May

Yet Another One

Ok, here’s something to think about. I make 33K a year working for CHK. I work 40 hours a week. There are 7 days in a week, 24 hours in a day, correct? that means there are 168 hours in a week. Minus the 40 hours I work for CHK (plus the hour unpaide lunch) […]

25 May

Things that have…

…gotten under my skin. Especially on a day like today. Take the slacker who, just because they decided to spawn, takes every opportunity to take time off from work. What about the other people around here? What if we were gone as much as you were? Heck, we’d have to shut down, wouldn’t we? (Of […]

25 May

Bible Story, 2004 Style

It is the year 2004 and Noah lives in the United States. The Lord speaks to Noah and says, “In one year I am going to make it rain and cover the whole earth with water until all is destroyed. But I want you to save the righteous people and two of every kind of […]

25 May

After Lunch Humour

In the prime of her career, a world famous painter started to lose her eyesight. Fearful that she might lose her life as a painter, she went to see the best eye surgeon in the world. After several weeks of delicate surgery and therapy, her eyesight was restored. The painter was so grateful that she […]

25 May

Heat. Melting. Vacation?

It’s hot. Almost 90 degrees outside, not counting what the humidity is doing. I feel like I’m melting! Meanwhile, PoloRandy has got it in his head that we should take a brief holiday to Coco Beach Florida (or however the hell you spell it). That’s nice and such, but with trying to get stuff done […]

25 May

What Do

Breasts, Penises, and Homes have is common? They are the TOP three subjects of Spam that I’ve received over the last 24 hours. I’ve offers to increase (and 1 to decrease) my breast size, numerous offers to add at least 3″, AND keep it up all night, and 36 (yes, 36!) confirmations that my mortgage […]

25 May

Can I get some feedback?

I laid off posting the “Top 10” of the songs that I listen to because it seemed (at least to me) that no one was interested. From looking at the logs, I can tell that that’s basically true. My question is this. The post is here. Please let me know what you think of some […]

25 May

A Book About CHK

should be written, and it should be called “The System, And How To Take Advantage Of It”. There’s a certain employee, we’ll call them OTPC (short for On The Phone Constantly) who, no matter what hour or time of day, is on a personal phone call. Either that, or one of their children is sick […]

25 May

Happy Birthday Dawn!

One of my blog friends, Dawn, his having her 30th 27th birthday today. 😯 Go and wish her a happy one! Personal note to Dawn: May your coming year be filled with lots of joy and a lot less Demure™!

25 May

New To The Blue

When Cats Attack! is a new addition to my blogroll — Michelle’s already added been nice enough to add me to her blog roll, and hey…. she’s witty, so go check it out!

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