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21 May

Gee Thanks

Thanks to everyone who has wished me well today. The Staff of CHK also send out a big thank you to PoloRandy for making the DBCC. We’re all wired and buzzing around now. 🙂 (P.S. Because of this, there will be no Friday Flavour™ today)

21 May

Note To Self

you’re not as young as you once were. Never eat a dinner with a lot of greens (spinach, etc) the night before you endulge in PoloRandy’s Death by Chocolate Cake with Hot Chocolate Ganache. The results are explosive.

21 May


just for you, Ted. I fixed the font. Gotta make it readable!

21 May

Explain to me

why I do the things I do again? Purchasing kicked back a Purchase Request because they need to know why we’re using a “sole source”. Excuse the hell out of me. Why the hell am I searching the web and such for (1) the best prices and (2) companies with inventory that can get it […]

21 May

How could I forget?

Revog also gave me an awesome frog windchine (it’s an inside joke)

21 May

Birthday Presents

Mom and Dad are giving me the rest of the money I need to get the front door on the Shenandoah Forester replaced. Yipee! PoloRandy gave me a pair of floor mats for my car: a natural sapphire stud earring, and the “Sophie” Cherished Teddy: Tink surprised me with the “Savannah” Cherished Teddy: I didn’t […]

21 May

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me, I’m 35 today, I’m as old as can be.

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