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15 May

Final Thought


15 May

Shenandoah Forester Update

Well, PoloRandy jetted down to Elizabeth City to take care of his ‘rents yard. Then he came back up here and we started tackling the outside. For the first time in many MANY years (at least 7, for that’s as long as I’ve lived here, and the plants were well established before I moved in), […]

15 May

So For the Moment

I’ve got two blogs going. One here in WordPress, one as Movable Type. I need to go out and scope some CSS hacks, so that the site will look better and such. I also need to find out about multi-blog setups. It ended up not as easy as I thought to set up WordPress, but […]

15 May


….it’s a geeks holiday. I’m getting ready to test new blog software. Coffee is brewing, life is good. How’s your Saturday?

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