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05 May

Final Thought


05 May

Problems With ITunes

There are a couple albums that I want to buy…I’m willing to pay the price for them, but every time I go to purchase, I get “this item is currently being modified. Please try again later.” Well….do you want my money or not? I’ve been trying ofr a week to buy these damn things. As […]

05 May

Many things

Well, let’s see. You all know about the de-virusing that’s going on at work. Our guess is that osmeone up in the administration had contracted the virus because Computing Services has made the tools to get rid of Sasser *far* easier to deploy than the PolyBot virus we were fighting a month or so ago. […]

05 May

Gentle Readers

I wanted to take a minute from my busy day and let you know that I appreciate you stopping by to read the blog. Today, which has been the busiest that I can remember in quite some time due to the virus attack on campus and a meeting that I really wasn’t needed at, but […]

05 May


can I just walk away from this computer problem? The more patches we apply, the more problems we have. And why are we applying 8 security patches at once? Seems like if we had applied them as we went along, none of this would be happening. Sometimes….

05 May

You Know

with running around applying patches and everything, I haven’t even had my morning cup of coffee yet! YIPES! What’s the world coming to? In other news: the weather is still chilly in Hampton Roads, which is good. We’re not expecting any more rain until next week, which is also good. Looks like the Shenandoah Forester’s […]

05 May

Sasser is Alive and Spreading

Interestingly enough, I guess one of the upity ups got hit with it, becuase Tech Services has started a push out through the network of the fix for Sasser. Which means that my job may be a little easier today than I thought. In other matters, we have a mole here at CHK who is […]

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