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26 Apr

Kill The Troll

Seems that Revog has a troll who left her this comment:

Me and my friends go around weblogs.com checking up on random ones. We have to inform you that yours is especially dull and useless. I hope you do win both big cash prizes as you wished for when you blew out the candle on your cupcake, because with all that money you might get a yacht, travel the world, and shut up.

I especially liked the post about painting the walls. It had to be some sort of satire. If it wasn’t satire, what the hell are you doing?! Do you think people care?!

Yes, this little SHIT has his own blog newsisgood.blogspot.com …. it’s not even a real blog. Full of useless SHIT.

People like this should be wary. Science is looking for a cure to rid the world of THEM.

One Response to “Kill The Troll”

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    Fritz Says:

    I had a troll this weekend, too. The comment started, “You must be a complete moron…”

    Like that won’t be deleted and get you banned!

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