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20 Apr

Final Thought


20 Apr

A Question

In Elton John’s song “Sacrifice”, he mentions that it’s “just a simple word”. What, exactly, IS this word? I think I’ve narrowed it down to either “sorry” or “goodbye”. Read the lyrics and give me your opinion, please.

20 Apr

It’s A Wrap!

A Season In Your Path: Something Beautiful Remains. Happy 35th Birthday, John. To Be Released May 21, 2004 1. A Season In Your Path – Wayne Watson 2. Carefree Highway – Gordon Lightfoot 3. Sacrifice – Elton John 4. Something Beautiful – Great Big Sea 5. Pavement Cracks – Annie Lennox 6. Still Within The […]

20 Apr

Something That Made Me Shake My Head

OK, make it TWO things that made me shake my head. First, client comes to me. Says everything she prints is blank. First idea: printer is out of toner. Document sent to print. Sheet comes out blank. Open printer, take out cartridge. Can tell by weight that it’s full. Look at cartridge. Rip strip that […]

20 Apr

Some jokes

just shouldn’t be retold. Ms. Peg forwarded this one, so I now subject you to it. A Young Japanese girl had been taught all her life that when she married she was to please her husband and never upset him. So the first morning of her honeymoon the young Japanese bride crawled out of bed […]

20 Apr

It’s 84…

degrees outside, and 80 inside. Can I take off this monkey suit now?

20 Apr

Worst Things To Hear

Thanks to Ms. Peg for sending these on. 20) “You’re so much better than any of your friends.” 19) “I just had the weirdest dream!” 18) “You do it just like daddy.” 17) “I hope you’re not allergic to penicillin.” 16) “This reminds me of growing up on the farm.” 15) “I bet you can’t […]

20 Apr

Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Link-Luv™

Revog be illin’. Tink takes on greedy piggies. Punchbuggy faces the inevitible. Susie holds a competition (YAY!) Ted lets loose some ripple fire. notGeorge gives us news from a broad abroad. Pixy’s looking for a gay man. (Well, who else irons and can put stuff away?) Dawn bought a dress. Stevie gives us the plot […]

20 Apr


Another wonderful day of me being needed all over hell and creation. But that’s ok. Soon it will be a summer break from all this crap and … BINGO. We start prep for the fall. The neverending cycle. It’s a good thing, though. It keeps me employed.

20 Apr

What a difference 30 years makes

30 Years difference 1973: Long hair 2003: Longing for hair 1973: The perfect high 2003: The perfect high yield mutual fund 1973: KEG 2003: EKG 1973: Acid rock 2003: Acid reflux 1973: Moving to California because it’s cool 2003: Moving to California because it’s warm 1973: Growing pot 2003: Growing pot belly 1973: Trying to […]

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