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19 Apr

Why do I feel like I may be shafted?

The roofing company is now requesting payment in full. That would be fine, EXCEPT…they haven’t finished the work. The siding isn’t back on the house, the facia board isn’t fixed, and the j-channel isn’t installed.

Why am I leary of paying them? Could it be that I signed a contract on December 20 and it took them until April 16 to come out and install? And I think that if I pay them now, they’ll never be back out to finish the job?

How do you think I should handle this?

2 Responses to “Why do I feel like I may be shafted?”

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    Blogeline Says:

    Don’t pay them until it’s finsihed.
    After Isabell hit, I saw that all over the news. They were talking about beeing aware of people coming around and “signing” contracts and they wanted you to pay ahead of time. Don’t do it. You should never ever pay anybody before they provide their service/product. Just to make sure, read over the contract and look for all the small print….they may have a clause in there that says something about a certain percentage being paid but never the whole price.
    If you feel uneasy about them try looking them up online at the Better Business Bureau.

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    Fritz Says:

    Here’s a funny story related to roofers…

    I rent a house and the property manager told me that the owner was going to have a new roof put on it. They were suppose to start on the following Monday. They never showed up.

    On Wednesday, I went home at lunchtime and they still weren’t there. Then for some reason, I took the long way down the driveway (it has two entry points) and saw that a new roof was being on the vacant house across the street (the owner committed suicide last year).

    I called the property manager, and she said the roofers had told her they were almost done.

    Yep. They put a roof on the wrong house! They went to #13 instead of #18.

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