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18 Apr


Sinuses! Allergies! Pain! This is getting to the point where I’m beginning to be nauseated from the pain.

18 Apr

5000 channels

and nothing’s on. I’m over at Mike & Debbie’s, where they have DirectTV. How can there be so many channels and nothing worth watching? Maybe it’s because it’s Sunday morning. People aren’t up yet. (Well, PoloRandy is, over at Great Awakenings UCC for the morning service.) I am SO looking forward to next weekend. Why? […]

18 Apr

Sunday after Easter

Roxette Bunny™ finally returned home yesterday. Everyone was glad to see her again. Celtic Mama and Tink came by in the afternoon, and then I left to meet up with PoloRandy in Virginia Beach. A lot of driving… that’s for sure. Today should be good. The choir has a good song we’re performing, the sun […]

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