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14 Apr

Holy Union? Holy Heck!

Tonight, I’m going to ask a question. We’ll see what the response is. What causes someone to know if it’s the right time to propose?

14 Apr

In the EcoSystem

Blog of 9698 blogs Ramblings of Silver Blue 187 1.9% Hoppings of Roxette Bunny™ 547 5.6% Flitting Here And There 2650 27.3% Reflections of a Punch Buggy 5572 57.4% Dipped In Chocolate 3856 39.7% PoloRandy’s Horsie Rides Again 5181 53.4 Hard to believe this, however, as PoloRandy’s blog has next to no entries. Here’s the […]

14 Apr

He thought He Walked On Water

Just LOVE how Dubya, last night, couldn’t think of a single mistake he has made while in office. NOT ONE. (Thanks to Punch Buggy for pointing me to this article.) It’s so wonderful to have such a selective memory. Just like Clinton did when he “couldn’t remember” if he had had sexual relations with “that […]

14 Apr


quote “And for the record, all marriage is same sex marriage. You get married, and every night, it’s the same sex.” Bill Maher

14 Apr

A Comment That Pissed Me Off

Kay W. City: Virginia Beacg Posted: 10:00 AM Apr. 8 Do not raise taxes. Whenever our personal business has less income, we cut our salary. The state should do the same. Every service and every person’s salary can be reduced. We personally cannot afford to give the state more money at this time. Open Letter […]

14 Apr

Leave no niche unexploited

Well, you knew it was bound to happen. Look here. Now, I like the fact that you can pick your ethnicity, but do we really need them holding “roses”? And ugly roses at that? You know what they say…. if there’s a market, someone will make a buck off it.

14 Apr

Why I Hate Hotels

CyberKenny is currently in Pittsburgh and is talking about his hotel stay. I’m normally lost without my laptop and internet connection, but damn, I guess I’m going to have to start reading the fine print. His hotel has: toll charges for local calls. Rather than having the one flat rate typically charged, this hotel charges […]

14 Apr

A Question of Common Sense

We have four printers that are shared by the entire building, as well as having printers in each department. Main administration pays for the paper and toner for the four main printers, and each department is responsible for ordering and stocking the toner and paper to be used in their respective departmental printers. I had […]

14 Apr

It’s A Beautiful Day

The rain has departed, birds are chirping. Outisde, wildlife is scurrying (read as: the remenants of the neighbors parties are finally loading into cards and heading home …. no, wait — that’s family members heading back from an extended Easter visit. For most of the schools in our area, it IS spring break) Can’t say […]

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