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12 Apr

Final Thought

I’m going to bed early. It’s been a long day. Nite!

12 Apr

Finally. At Last

the day ended. Traffic wasn’t too bad. I get home and what do my wandering eyes see? SHINGLES! I’ve got SHINGLES on my roof, but not on my roof. Does that make an ounce of sense? Let’s put it this way. There are packages of shingles on my roof, lining my ridge pole (the top […]

12 Apr

Let the day end, please

I’ve struggled to stay awake, to not strangle a client, and now…. I think Kosheen and I are going to take a LONG car ride this evening. It all depends. I think I need a drink.

12 Apr

Regardless of Political Persuasion

If you’re Pro-Bush, Pro-Kerry, or Anti-Both, this can’t be denied. Before all you “Pro-Bush” people claim that it’s just Kerry (or Democratic) hoopla, stop and think. The facts don’t lie. I’m NOT better off today than I was when Jeb handed his brother the presidency in 2000. BOSTON (Reuters) – Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry […]

12 Apr

Two Things.

First, perhaps most important, visit here. (Don’t worry, I’ll wait while you go and read, as long as you use your back button to get back here and read the rest of what I have to say.) David makes a very eloquent point. Secondly, I’m pissed. Here’s the reason why: I run several commercial websites […]

12 Apr

The economy is bad, why?

OK. I pay $50 a month for health insurance with a company (Blue Cross) that I can’t stand. Deductibles are through the roof, as are copays compared to what we had before no one would sign a contract with the Commonwealth. My premium went from $35 to $50, monthly, my copay for office visits went […]

12 Apr

Have I Posted This?

Did I post this already? I can’t remember. NEW VIRUS Just got this in from a reliable source. It seems there is a virus called the “Senile Virus” that even the most advanced programs of Norton and McAfee cannot take care of it . so be warned. The virus appears to affect those of us […]

12 Apr

When the Sympathy Well Runs Dry

Say you have a coworker. This coworker has a family — and uses every possible excuse to get out of work due to their illness, Doctor’s appointments, etc. This coworker has run out of time to take off. Yet the health issues keep coming. Over and over and over. When does the sympathy well run […]

12 Apr


Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday. The Cantata went off without a hitch (well, none that the congregation noticed). After that, lunch, and putting the church back to rights, coming back to Hampton to get my vehicle, back to Virginia Beach where I’m house sitting, stopping and getting Pollard’s Fried Chicken (perhaps the best […]

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