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09 Apr

Trolls Getting Sneakier

I just banned a comment troll up posted …. using a URL from groups.msn.com. Of course, I went ahead and blacklisted the entire groups.msn.com (this one, innocent enough in it’s title (like “ratr”*) was for Penis Enlargement. Sorry folks, but I don’t need that crap on my blog. If you think you’re being banned from posting for legitimate reasons, email me and I’ll see what I can do.

*Not the real group name.

One Response to “Trolls Getting Sneakier”

  1. 1
    Fritz Says:

    I just had to delete a few for kiddie porn! Seriously sick stuff.

    I can’t wait for MT 3.0. I tried MT Blacklist, but it slowed down my blog and my Web hosting service complained that it created serious performance problems.

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