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09 Apr

Final Thought


09 Apr

Maybe Only I Dream

I got in the mail a most wonderful package today: The Eurogliders Greatest Hits DVD. Now, let ‘s be honest. (1) You probably haven’t a clue as to who the Eurogliders were and (2) if you did, you know this is a bootleg. Eurogliders were formed in Australia by Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch. I […]

09 Apr

Slow Day

I’m not posting much today because I’ve got so much other stuff going on. It’s a good thing, though. And after this weekend, I’ll actually be able to breathe! (Well, that, and have fried chicken!)

09 Apr

The Friday-Flavour™

This recipe was a staple (without the wine, of course) when my Dad was in grade school. A variation on “Chili Mac”, there are as many different variations as there are people…. Johnny Marzetti 6 medium onions chopped 1 1/2 pounds ground chuck 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 1/4 teaspoon garlic salt 1/8 teaspoon pepper 8 […]

09 Apr

From PoloBlue Studios

…Greetings! I’ve spent the morning in the studio mastering the tracks for this wekeends cantata. It’s going to end up a bit shorter than PoloRandy though it was going to be (the entire thing, minus narration, runs slightly over 37 minutes). Of course, it would have been longer if I could have hit the key […]

09 Apr

Trolls Getting Sneakier

I just banned a comment troll up posted …. using a URL from groups.msn.com. Of course, I went ahead and blacklisted the entire groups.msn.com (this one, innocent enough in it’s title (like “ratr”*) was for Penis Enlargement. Sorry folks, but I don’t need that crap on my blog. If you think you’re being banned from […]

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