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08 Apr

Final Thought


08 Apr

There’s Power, Power

…. just finished dinner after the Maundy Thursday service at church. Now, I don’t want to give the Pastor an enlarged ego (I know he reads my blog…and so does everyone else!), but PoloRandy and I were talking about the service afterwards and here’s our take on it: Me: It was one of the most […]

08 Apr

To Tax or Not To Tax

As many of my readers know, Virginia still does not have a budget for the next two years. This isn’t a LARGE problem — yet. A lot of localities are attempting to form their own budgets, colleges and educational systems are attempting to set tuition, etc. and are unable. Why? Becuase we have no budget. […]

08 Apr

Maundy, Maundy

…bah dah, bah, dah dah dah…. Tonight’s the Maundy Thursday service at church. I’ll have to let you know if it’s as powerful this year as it was last. Should be. At least we know the plot’s the same.

08 Apr

The Power of Christ Compels You!

Today should be classified as “Jour D’Idiot”, as people are really howing how much chlorine the gene pool is in need of. From people attempting to find their AOL buddy lists on phones not designed for the feature (well, they said I could text message!) to those who are hiding from book sellers (and buyers), […]

08 Apr

Do you need your head examined?

I’ve got a client here…. book smart, life dumb. In any event, he jsut did one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever had someone do…he came into my office, inquired about my well-being, picked up the receiver of my phone, held it for a minute, then put it back down. What the hell was […]

08 Apr

Traffic, Bastards, and others

Well, do to a “shattered manhole cover”, it took me over 2 hours to get in to work today. Now, besides the fact that I don’t know how one could go about shattering a manhole cover, are you going to tell me that this is something that does not remain in stock? Most manholes are […]

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