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29 Mar

Final Thought

I’m exhausted. Roxette Bunny™ wants to hop around on the web, so I’m gonna go to bed. (thanks to www.dribbleglass.com) Nite!

29 Mar

Restore my faith in the legal system

I swear, I will MOVE TO FRANCE if the judicial system which is going to send Martha Stewart up the creek for “illegal securities trading” allows Michael Jackson to go free with no indictment, and no jailtime. Sorry, Jacko, you had your hand in the cookie jar one too many times. After all, presuming that […]

29 Mar

What the heck

Is “Efharisto”? Well, after some research, I’ve discovered: (1) It’s the way to say “Thank You” in Greek and (2) It was Sweden’s entry into the Eurovision contest, performed by Bosson. It’s a peppy song, I’m sorry it didn’t progress forward in competition. Fortunately, it was available for sale on ebay (my home away from […]

29 Mar

The Night Was Made

for must-goes. You know, Left-Overs. I don’t feel like cooking, neither does Tink. PoloRandy is headed down to Elizabeth City this evening, there’s decaf coffee brewing, life is …. good. Not much happening around in my life today, so… As promised, here’s the Tarot reading that David F. over at Sketches of Strain graciously did […]

29 Mar

Happiness Now

Thought for the day: Work like you don’t need money, Love like you’ve never been hurt, And dance like no one’s watching. It’s also the Truth for the day.

29 Mar

Bananas, you say

From my good friend Moonglow, all you ever wanted to know about this delicious yellow fruit.

29 Mar

It Burns!

Well DUH. When it says parts of the printer are HOT on the inside, they aren’t kidding. Icewater, here I dunk! Two fingers are going to blister, that’s for sure. BUT… it could be worse. Where is my head today?

29 Mar

What The Future Holds

David F. of Sketches of Strain was nice enough to do a Tarot Reading for me. Mind you, he did it cold, without ever talking to me, he has never met me, etc. etc. I’ll be posting the reading this evening. While some of it is questionable, one thing is clear: The cards say I […]

29 Mar


Well, at least my leg doesn’t hurt today. Putting it in a hot tub and taking lots of tylenol has helped. Didn’t get home until after midnight last night, from Church, lunch, going to see the Encore Players performance of “The Wiz”, and then working on Randy’s PC until almost midnight (he was hit with […]

29 Mar


Another Troll Spammer banned: IP Address: Name: suzi Email Address: the_best@gmx.net URL: Comments: great site, well done. I enjoy beeing here and iŽll come back soon. 24 spam sites from Germany. Buttnugget. BEGONE! Of course they commented to post “000566”. Sorry Madfish Willie, the close comment thingy didn’t work (as I just found out).

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