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26 Mar

Final Thought


26 Mar


Visit. Laugh. Repeat.

26 Mar

A Blue Bunny better ‘splain

She’s found someone to operate a camera for her and has posted photos of herself and her freinds… check them out.

26 Mar

3 cheers for Blue-Emu

No, Blue-Emu is not a new mascot or animal I have around the house, it’s a substance, like Ben-Gay or Icy Hot that has really made a difference in my leg. PoloRandy has been trying to get me to put some on, but due to the cost of the stuff ($20 for a small cold-cream-like […]

26 Mar

Glenn’s Time off?

We were assigned with defining what Evil Glenn Did on his time off. It should be obvious. He was doing stealth work to keep up with the puppies and hobos. How? Camoflauge is a wonderful thing. Roxette Bunny™ snapped this photo:

26 Mar

Programs I Find I Can’t Live Without

OK, here’s a list of the programs I normally find I can’t do without (they’re in no order), links are included: ACDSee – file viewer and quasi manipulator. Shareware for 30 days, purchase price of $49.99US. WinAmp – freeware, excellent for playing MP3s. Adobe PhotoShop — rather expensive, unless you’re tied to an educational institution […]

26 Mar

Ok, so I had the file name wrong

The MP3 Normalizer is called MP3Gain and is available here. I’ll see what else I can round up as necessary utilities today and post them with links as well.

26 Mar

Today’s Posting Brought To You

by the letter “P”, which stands for “PAIN” which is what my right leg is still causing me. I’m going to take some meds and lay back down. If it’s not MUCH improved by lunch time, I’m going to go sit in the doctor’s office until they CAN see me. Blogging MAY be light today […]

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