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25 Mar

Final Thought


25 Mar

A Program That Really Works

I don’t normally recommend programs, because most of the ones I use are expensive (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc) however, there is a program that has been a God send for Kosheen (and of course me). Called “MP3Level” it normalizes the sounds of your MP3 files so that even though they were taken from different sources. Works […]

25 Mar


Well, Tink and I stopped, paid a few bills in person (remember, I’m anti-post office) and by the time we finally got home, I thought my right leg was going to fall plumb off. A few people at work seem to think it’s my sciatic nerve. I contacted the Doctor’s office again, and what did […]

25 Mar

“Balls” Said the Queen

Over at Wonder Boy’s blog, he inquired about the rhyme. It’s naughty, not work or family friendly, but you’ve been warned.

25 Mar

It’s Gonna Be Special

Well, for me it is. I’m currently 110 visitors away from kicking my 40K mark. This is like, big news for me. All Y’all have been so nice (well, not all y’all, but enough to make it worth while)

25 Mar

Rude Jokes

Completely non-work friendly, but funny as hell.

25 Mar

I’m Taking My Toys And Going Home

Dammit. How come no one else gets their authority questioned? I’m CONDELEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZA for chrissakes! I will make mincemeat of your carcus and stomp on your mama’s face!

25 Mar

A little humour

to brighten your day: A woman’s husband dies. He had $30,000 to his name. After everything is done at the funeral home and cemetery, she tells her closest friend that there is no money left. The friend says, “How can that be? You told me he had $30,000 a few days before he died. How […]

25 Mar

One more day

and then the weekend. I’m runnign around (ok, hobbling around with this bum leg today) taking care of the latest outbreak of viruses, but the day is going well. At least I’m not wanting to take to my chair and drink (at least not yet). Anyone have anything good happening to them today?

25 Mar

The Promised Sermon

Can be found here in PDF format.

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