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24 Mar

Final Thought


24 Mar

The End of the Day

I’ll be sure to post a PDF file of PunchBuggy’s sermon tomorrow. As for now, know that Choir practice went well this evening, and I even had a decent photo taken. Other than that, my right hip and knee is killing me. Time for the final thought and then off to bed.

24 Mar

Animal Maintenance

HOW TO GIVE A CAT A PILL – 1) Pick cat up and cradle it in the crook of your left arm as if holding a baby. Position right hand thumb on either side of cat’s mouth and gently apply pressure to cheeks while holding pill in hand. As cat opens mouth, pop pill into […]

24 Mar

The Veridct Is In

on the Italian One-Step Chicken. Forego it. It isn’t that good, and it causes indigestion. I was not impressed, nor was Tink. Plus, the cooking time they give you is WAY off. Probably could have used another 30-45 mintues of cooking (I don’t know where you buy your chicken from, but there’s no wimpy poultry […]

24 Mar

Even fewer…

…and fewer things will I be sending via the US Postal Service. Reading today that the Postmaster General is going to suggest hiking rates by at least 4 cents, making a letter 41 cents…well, heck. I’ll just buy Grandma an internet connection and she can get her “thank you” letters via email. Plus, this way […]

24 Mar

Easily Learn A Foreign Language!

Thanks to Tink for forwarding this to me. Learn Chinese in 5 minutes…(You MUST read them out loud): 1) That’s not right ……………………. Sum Ting Wong 2) Are you harbouring a fugitive?…………. Hu Yu Hai Ding 3) See me ASAP………………………….. Kum Hia Nao 4) Stupid Man ………………………….. Dum 5) Small Horse …………………………. Tai Ni Po […]

24 Mar

I’m An Idiot

and I admit it. Madfish Willie has been nice enough to send me some code to turn off old comments, and what happens? I put it in the wrong place. etc. I’m gonna give up on that for a bit.

24 Mar

More Moonbats!

PETA crosses the line again with their KFC Buckets of Blood campaign. I really wish I could win the lottery and open a butcher shop next door to their HQ here in Norfolk.

24 Mar

To The Extreme

Well, if you can’t please everyone, please no one. That’s the attitude that a county in Oregon has taken when it comes to Marriage. Until the courts decide who can and cannot be married, Benton County has decided to halt issuing all marriage licenses. The article is included in the extended entry from CNN.

24 Mar

Some Wednesday Link-Luv™

Seems that PunchBuggy unearthed the same quote I did yesterday, and talked about it here. There’s a difference between being a believer and being a fanatic. (BTW: PB, if you read this, can I have permission to PDF your sermon and post it here, seeing as how the bottom five buttons on the new website […]

24 Mar

Time To Change My M.O.

I walked into a 7-11 Convenience Store this morning where Tink had gassed up earlier and the manager said to me “Good morning! Your wife gassed up here a little while ago.” Love ya Tink, just not in that way. It did give me a laugh, however. Some people put 2 and 2 together and […]

24 Mar

The Blonde Joke to end all !!!

A girl came skipping home from school one day. “Mommy, Mommy,” she yelled. we were counting today, and all the other kids could only count to four, but I counted to 10. See? 1,2,3,4,5,6, 7,8,9,10!” “Very good,” said her mother. “Is it because I’m blonde, Mommy?” “Yes, it’s because you’re blonde,” her mother replied. The […]

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