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20 Mar

Final Thought


20 Mar

Yet another Troll Banned

Idiot pushing drugs from I seem to recall a plugin that allowed you to turn off comments in MT once a post reached a certain age. Anyone know what I’m referring to?

20 Mar

Wal-Mart Majorly Sux

Talk about a company who is more concerned about profits than about its customers…. As of February 1, they no longer accept MasterCards that are tied to to checking accounts. (They’re often known as MasterCard Debit which can be used as a debit card or a credit card.) So, since I refuse to pay Debit […]

20 Mar

Well, I’m In

If you call me John you’re most people. If you call me Johnny you’re PoloRandy. If you call me Forester, you donít know me. If you call me Asshole, youíre Rob, my ex-co-worker. If you call me F. John, youíre an old college friend. If you call me Silver Blue, youíre a close friend. If […]

20 Mar

Saturday Link-Luv™

Tiger deserves a major link for this well written post. It seems that instead of life getting saner, it’s getting crazier. Revog posted one of those tear jerkers that got to me, dammit. She gets a link, and a permanent place at my table. On the topic of tear jerkers, here’s one from the archives. […]

20 Mar

Morning Escapades

Tink and I went out….I was a man on a mission. I wanted to own Sarah Brightman’s “Harem: A Desert Fantasy” (the PBS special). First we stopped by Mom and Dad’s, then off to Bojangles for Biskies. Yum! We hit a couple thrift stores next, and a flea market. Further north to Best Buy, where […]

20 Mar

Saturday in the Park

only I ain’t in no park. And it don’t feel like the 4th of July. It ain’t no disco either. It certainly ain’t L.A.* It ain’t even 40 degrees outside. Supposedly Spring has sprung. Where? Certainly not down under. They’ve just started autumn. Maybe on Mars. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the ticket. PoloRandy’s mom called […]

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