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13 Mar

Final Thought

Due to lack of interest (mine), there will be no final thought for this evening.

13 Mar

Overlooked Musical Group

Pepsi and Shirlie — they used to do back-up vocals for Wham!U.K. In 1987, they released their first single, “Heartache”, followed by a dynamic album “All Right Now.” In America, they followed with “All Right Now” and “Goodbye Stranger” as singles. In Europe, they also released “High Time” and “Can’t Give Me Love”. One of […]

13 Mar

Top 10 for March 6

Samples are approx. 30 second FM quality MP3 files. Click the name of the song to launch your MP3 player. This Week Last Week Weeks on Chart Song Title Artist Year 1 2 4 Red Blooded Woman Kylie Minogue 2004 2 3 4 Amazing George Michael 2004 3 1 4 Sunrise Duran Duran 2004 4 […]

13 Mar

Sifting through the past

Well… I’ve removed 3 bags of stuff from the room, and tried to decide what I want to do with the remaining stuff. There’s lots of things I haven’t seen in a while (like the top of my desk) but now I’ve seen it and it’s time to redecorate. 🙂 Coming up…. the top 10 […]

13 Mar

We want our Pepsi!

I wept the day that Pepsi Blue was discontinued. Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer things a little more out there than vanilla and the lemon (which, by the way, is the one flavor of Pepsi that I’ve never been able to stomach). Who else, other than myself, recalls the original version of Pepsi […]

13 Mar

This Could Be a Bad Thing

Well, I’ve discovered some album tracks up on iTunes, which I purchased for 99 cents each. It’s great to only get the ones you want (remember the days of vinyl? Well, those are the tracks I’m getting. Most of the albums (especially the one by Lindsey Buckingham, wasn’t my taste, but there were a couple […]

13 Mar

Saturday Afternoon Humour

I’m still working on rearranging my room. (THank god this doesn’t happen that often. Here’s a joke to tide you over to the next post: The Brothel Two Irishmen were sitting in a pub having beer and watching the brothel across the street. They saw a Baptist minister walk into the brothel, and one of […]

13 Mar

Saturday, and I have the house

….to myself. Tink and PoloRandy have left to go to the CAA Championship game, which I graciously declined. I’m tried and really want to lay down and take a nap, even though I should be working on my room, trying to get it whipped into shape. Must. Keep. Eyes. Open. Even more importantly, gotta keep […]

13 Mar

Saturday Morning Link-Luv™

It’s been a while, so it’s time for a round-up of things that made me laugh, think, or just go…what the… ? 🙂 Dawn should be found guilty of heresy for promoting something completely unAmerican. Susie finally has come to my way of thinking that the youth is wasted on the young. Tink truly has […]

13 Mar

If it’s morning

where’s my freakin’ coffee? I swear, I do believe I should have a personal assistant to do these things for me. LOL. Bad enough I have a programmable coffee pot that could have had my morning java ready and waiting in me, but when I went to bed last night, I forgot to turn the […]

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