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11 Mar

Final Thought

11 Mar

Oopps! Guess I forgot to tell you

Seems that I made a CD called “Christmas Eve Bounce” on December 24, 2003 and never posted about it. I discovered it this evening when putting a CD back in place in the rack and noticing one that didn’t have a cover. Here’s what we have, which sounds good to me this evening: 1. Run […]

11 Mar

What To Title This?

Dawn, Blog Goddess of Open Sexuality, discusses the replacement of the SPCC (Small Penis Compensation Car). Ted, however, in her comments tells an awesome joke (or was it from the pages of the Enquirer?): Woman: I wasn’t impressed with the size of your organ. Guy: I didn’t think I’d be auditioning in a cathedral. Forgive […]

11 Mar

The meaning of…

…a mid-life crisis? Why do they occur? And precisely when? I’ll admit I’ve been going though at least a mini-midlife crisis right now; I’ve purchased a car that is certainly “un” me (it’s not silver, or blue, nor is it a compact car), I’ve changed my hairstyle (second time in 34 years, last time was […]

11 Mar


God, I know how Susie feels on her “Technology Free&#8482 Zone” days. Even though I was busy messing with technology all day today, do you think I was able to keep up with the news? With blogs? With myself? Nope. I barely was able to scoff down one meal, around 1, from Boston Market (whom, […]

11 Mar


Thanks to Susie for passing this along. silver blue is simply a blue mouse with the silvering genes silver blue is the music encylopedia silver blue is wearing a blue and silver gown silver blue is out of pepsi silver blue is ranked 11 and has played for 1h24m in 30 days real name silver […]

11 Mar

Deep Into The Night*

Well, today was shot to hell, what with going to PoloRandy’s office to get the new file server and network installed. Things did not go as smoothly as they should (do upgrades EVER go right? HAHAHA!) But… other than that, I’m sporting a awesome new haircut, the shortest I’ve had, if not in my life, […]

11 Mar

Out for a bit

Gotta run some errands. Don’t konw wehn next post will be, but hopefully SOON!

11 Mar

How’d That Happen?

I actaully was able to take a day off during Spring Break! Of course, I’ve a million things I need to do, and won’t get even a quarter of them done, but it was nice to be able to sleep in some this morning, and to leisurely sit here at my computer and post this […]

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