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06 Mar

Ok, Which Is It?

To Dairy or Not To Dairy. Therein lies the rub. Recent medical research says eating and drinking dairy may help prevent obesity. No word on if it was skim, reduced, or whole. CNN Article Follows.

06 Mar

Rant du jour

Several things are on my mind today. The most important is that this evening, I get to go see the Divine Miss M when she comes to the Coliseum. I’m looking forward to hearing her sing, tell Soph jokes, and entertain. Secondly, what is it about people that they won’t read their frickin email, but […]

06 Mar


The merge is almost complete. What a transformation the house has taken on. New display cases are out for the Cherished Teddies….I’ll have to take photos!

06 Mar

This Week’s Top 10

This Week Last Week Weeks on Chart Song Title Artist Year 1 1 3 Sunrise Duran Duran 2004 2 4 3 Red Blooded Woman Kylie Minogue 2004 3 3 3 Amazing George Michael 2004 4 5 2 Into The West Annie Lennox 2003 5 2 7 Hungry Kosheen 2002 6 6 2 Gueri De Toi […]

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