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04 Mar

Final Thought


04 Mar

Ain’t It Da Truth

Thanks to Moonglow for passing this on to me My forgetter’s getting better, But my rememberer is broke To you that may seem funny But, to me, that is no joke For when I’m “here” I’m wondering If I really should be “there” And, when I try to think it through, I haven’t got a […]

04 Mar

Second Helping of Link-Luv™

Going straight down the line (or blogroll) — if it’s easy to get a URL for posts that is. For some reason, I can’t get Elise to behave (well, her blog that is) Pixy questions the generation gap. Windrider, usurping Bill’s blog, promises technocolor showers. Dawn proclaims last night Idol was made of Clay. (No, […]

04 Mar

The moment passed

We didn’n’t get the storm I expected, unless it came while I was asleep. One thing about me when I’m sick is that I sleep like I’ve been deprived for a week. The good news that was presented to me this week — they’re not closing the Krispe Kreme in Hampton. Now, I don’t know […]

04 Mar

If Walls Could Talk

…not, not the obnoxiously lesbionic show from HBO, the show from HGTV, hosted by Grant Goodeve. I wish that HGTV would QUIT messing withe the broadcast time of this show. It’s one that I love; it used to come on Sunday nights at 10, then they moved it to Wednesday nights at 11, now it’s […]

04 Mar

Margaret Cho sings

From Margaret Cho’s Blog (www.margaretcho.com/blog/blog.htm) Bush is “troubled” by gay marriage in San Francisco. (sung to the tune of “Trouble” by Cat Stevens) Trouble Oh trouble set me free I have seen the gays And it’s too much too much for me Trouble Or trouble can’t you see To be married and be gay You’re […]

04 Mar

And the outside “sharpens”

Ever notice that just before a storm everything seems to “sharpen”, like the extra moisture in the air acts like a magnifying glass? Tha’ts what’s going on right now. I woke from my nap and made a grilled cheese, and looked out othe window to notice it. I’ve seen it before a major snowstorm, the […]

04 Mar

Eat To Live

In the extended entry, an article from CNN that discusses where Texas is banning deep fat fryers from schools in an effort to combat obesity. While I applaud anything thing that helps in an attempt to slim down the youth of today (I was an overweight child, and still am above my optimal weight), I […]

04 Mar

Thursday Link-Luv™

Hoping that spreading some Luv will make me feel better, here goes: Pixy gives us rules for blogging: one, two, and three. Tink questions reality. Tiger, in her comments, reveals the truth. Dawn talks about what she does immediately after making out in a parking lot. Revog gives us some dynamic merger ideas (even if […]

04 Mar

Out of commission

Mother Nature and Father Time have decided to team up with the absence of Auntie (Biotic) and so my lungs are filling up (and Im hacking up lots of gunk), I ache, Im running a low grade fever, and if I dont start feeling better, Im going to call and see when I can get […]

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