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03 Mar

Final Thought

PG Rated: What Men Want (Drink alert in effect!) View image Nite!

03 Mar


I’m a Christian! Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You? Take More of Robert & Tim’s QuizzesWatch Robert & Tim’s Cartoons

03 Mar

Even Though I TryÖ

ÖI canít let go. What is it about failed relationships that you canít entirely shake them? My Ex and I separated in 1999. He finally moved out in 2001. Iíve been in a much better, healthier, more loving relationship since December 2000. Why, then, do things still remind me of him? A song comes on, […]

03 Mar

Simply Put: Get Over It

I’ll be the first person in a crowd to admit we’ve taken Political Correctness to the extreme. But by that, I mean that being disabled means being disabled or handicapped. It should not be glossed over as saying “challenged”. A New York Times Crossword is “challenging”, but not “disabling”. One has a “handicap” in golf […]

03 Mar

Much Ado About Something

Seems like a Pandora’s Box has been opened regarding church signs and conversations with “God”. I linked to Tiger, then Jennifer linked to me, and to a report of another barking moonbat pastor. Tiger then linked to my post and put in an “Update”. Let me do an update myself: I know where Tiger was […]

03 Mar

Lookin for a little MT help

I’d like to add two things to my blog: (1) Under my upload file template, there’s a way to make it so you can select a “thumbnail” and set the parameters for me. I don’t know the name of the template or how to go about that. (2) There are, on some blogs, “This blog […]

03 Mar

I know you’ve experienced this

When you just had too much to do to be sick? I’ve got a ton of things going on and right now I’m running a fever. PoloRandy, with his wonderful bronchitis seems to be the sicker of the two fo us (which is fine by me), but it also means that I have to be […]

03 Mar

Differences in Opinion

Tiger posts a link about someone else who claims to have heard from God. Tiger also says: Kristopher believes the Pastor Jordon is so far out of bounds with his message that everyone should call him and harass him until he takes it down. I guess I thought ever’one had the right to free speech, […]

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