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02 Mar

Final Thought


02 Mar

If it’s Tuesday

…this must be a Link-Luv™ roundup. Tiger says I missed one. I think he may be right. Susie describes what gives her the creeps (and no, it’s not me) Ted gives us an easy quiz. LeeAnn appears to be a loser magnent. Punchbuggy got bonked in the head. Pixy gives us his own “Best of […]

02 Mar

Ok, the Nightmare Thingy

Felt the need to get home to blog about this instead of doing it from afar. Everyone at work has just been getting back to “normal” after the dismissal of the coworker that happened in January. That, however, is not the end the story. There not is more BS going on where that individual is […]

02 Mar

The 35K was…

…someone from RR.com. IP: 24.31.157.#. They were running Win95 and IE3.0. They viewed all of 1 page and stayed for less than 10 seconds. No comment from them, so no recognition. Props go out to Punchbuggy who was 34991 and Diamond Lil, who was 34997. We’ll do lunch soon!

02 Mar

Approaching 35,000

Which is another milestone for me. Who’s going to be the lucky person? Let me know! Leave me a comment! Link to me! Buy me lunch! (Oh, wait a minute, this is supposed to be about the visitor and not about me, isn’t it? LOL)

02 Mar

We Have A Question

At work…why is it that some people don’t know when to quit pushing the issue? If a circumstance has ended in defeat, quit trying to get one over on the system. Some people, however, feel that things are owed to them and that THEY are going to have the final word and say, regardless of […]

02 Mar

Return of the Nightmare

Ever had a nightmare that you couldn’t shake? I’ve got one. Anyone interested in details?

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