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24 Feb

Is it too early for a rant?

Ever had someone in your life that couldnít grasp the philosophy that ďjust because someone doesnít agree with me does not mean they are against me?Ē

Tink and I were discussing this over a wonderful meal of Mongolian BBQ last evening, and how we have several people who feel that if you arenít 100% behind them in everything they do and say, then obviously youíre against whatever they are attempting to do.

Not true.

However, I find it interesting that a while back, Susie called me a Closet Conservative.

Picking on Punchbuggy for a minute (simply because he called me a Conservative, while labeling himself as a Liberal). Letís dissect his comment:

Iím a Conservative? Yeah, Right. Iím a homosexual, which almost immediately throws me in the liberal category. Iím a Democrat. Liberal again. I donít believe the government belongs in the private lives of its citizens (stay OUT of my bedroom). Is that Liberal or Conservative? Well, since itís going against the status quo, Iíd say thatís pretty much liberal. I donít mind paying tax increases when the funding goes to programs and activities I use, and not for fattening the welfare cow. I guess thatís a bit Conservative. I believe that one should be held accountable for oneís activities. Thatís a bit Conservative as well. I believe in speaking my mind, telling exactly how I feel. Thatís Liberal (and liberating). I donít believe in mandated policies giving preferential treatment based on race, gender, sexual orientation, age. I do not think that Government contracts should be required to have x quotas on how many must go to minorities, women, etc. Contracts should be based on quality of work. Prices then would come down, etc. Thatís probably a bit Conservative as well. I believe that two people in love, regardless of gender, should be able to celebrate that love by getting married. The God I worship loves ALL of his children, and love is one of the greatest gifts that God ever gave to mankind. (The greatest was his Son, Jesus). That definitely makes me a liberal.

Now, leaving that issue and continuing on with a rant, weíve got an employee here at CHK that if you donít agree (and concede to) with everything they say, propose, think, etc., then obviously youíre not a team player, not part of the solution, youíre part of the problem, and therefore you no longer need to be working here. I cannot tell you the number of times that this person has crossed me because I require compliance with regulations (1) to keep my butt out of trouble and (2) to make troubleshooting or tracking issues easier in case Iím out sick or on vacation. Kinda like your sunshine friends. When the sun is out, theyíre your friend. Let it rain, and youíre on your own.

Whatís the point of this rant? This: Everyone is different; everyone thinks, feels, expresses themselves differently. Just because someone disagrees with what you say doesnít immediately make them the enemy. Imagine how boring life would be if everyone was homogeneous. Thereíd be no creativity, no inspiration, no enthusiasm, for everyone would be identical. Weíd all think alike, weíd all act (and react) alike, dress alike, speak alikeÖ talk about an Orwellian Society. No thanks. If I piss someone off, so be it. They know where I stand. I know where they stand. We have the right to disagree on everything, if we so choose.

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