Ramblings of Silver Blue

28 Jan

Ok, so like…

…I got in to work today at 7:30 to help out with a presentation. It went swimmingly (even after I had to fight with the damn sink in the bathroom for half an hour at home…I’ve never seen a clog this stubborn).

Then, off to the real job of the day, over one building at the office.

Nothing exciting happening in the news, nothing exciting happening at work, which, with the way things have been recently, is quite nice.

Tink stayed home today. She has a bit more than a squeak for a voice now, so I’m not sure if Nurse Bunny made some broth and stuck her paw in it or not, but her colour is a lot better, and she’s not looking like death warmed over (and for that, we are all thankful).

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